BDLIM offers a full suite of services to meet your needs


Every project is unique.

BDLIM will take your project from conception to occupancy through its offerings of site selection / pro-forma modeling / general contractor and sub-contractor selection /             

principal construction


COMMERCIAL BROKERAGE: Landlord and Tenant Rep Services

BDLIM's expansive network of contacts, analytics and market data will ensure landlords' vacant space is filled and tenants will find a new headquarters quickly.


BDLIM is more than a broker.  We go further than site selection and quoting lease rates.  

Getting your project approved requires knowledge of the process, the people and the politics.  

BDLIM brings years of real estate consultant experience working with city staff, Common Council members and local developers.  

This experience will minimize costly entitlement delays to your project, reduce development approval timeframe and increase profitability for ALL clients



BDLIM is adding private equity placement in the 1st quarter of 2020.  

Emphasis will be on deals between $5M - $10M

For more information, send us an email: 


If you need assistance with management for any of your properties, lets talk.  

BDLIM's partnership with 360 Commercial Real Estate provides the resources necessary for top-tier property management.



BDLIM offers a continual partnership model vs. just a single transaction. 

A primary goal at BDLIM is to make development FASTER, more EFFICIENT and more PROFITABLE.  That is accomplished through MEMBERSHIP, shared VALUES and shared MESSAGING. 

As a member you will receive: 

  • A block of dedicated lobbying hours per year 
  • Weekly emails outlining policy updates
  • Ordinance updates and newly introduced resolutions from key Madison committees impacting development (other municipalities included as needed).

An additional member benefit to BDLIM is access to members only networking and / or presentations about industry specific information


Membership base

BDLIM is focussed on benefitting commercial and residential developers, general contractors, architects, engineers, law firms, banks, insurance companies and title companies. 

As a real estate consultant, our goal is to further public policy as it pertains to development in the Madison area.